• “Realistic training in an unpredictable world.”


Down-Range USA

Down-Range is a 30-acre weapons and tactical training facility located just 25 minutes south of downtown Houston. Our facility was designed with law enforcement and military personnel in mind with the focus of providing a location where realistic tactical shooting/training can occur without the restrictions of most other “public ranges”. Also, unlike other ranges Down-Range is mostly open to law enforcement, military, and former military with the occasional CHL and shooting classes held for the public. Different levels of shooting packages will be offered from…

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What We Have to Offer

Sometimes, the difference between life and death could be the efficiency of your holstered draw or the posture you carry in a public environment. Our goal at Down Range USA is to save lives by teaching the skills necessary for the Protectors to do their job of saving lives. We offer courses from basic marksmanship, intermediate shooting techniques and drills, to more advanced shooting packages that include stress shooting, shooting injured, low-light shooting, and room clearing. The range grounds is a private range mostly open to military…

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